No. 6 of 6 poems by Shmuel Halkin
scored in Mieczysław Weinberg’s Jüdische Lieder, Op. 17
Translated by the gracious Miriam Rinn


Oyb es vet dir zayn tsu shver
zumer in di hitsn,
zun mayner, du tu a kler,
vos du geyst bashitsn.

Oyb es vet dir zayn nit gut
harbsttsayt in di netsn,
bruder, hoykh dayn heldnmut,
s'foterland vet shetsn.

Oyb s'vet zayn dir lang di nakht
vinter in di shneyen,
foter, shteln zikh af vakh
dayne kinder geyen.

Oyb es vet nit gringer zayn,
shreklekh zayn vet tomer,
liber mayner, trakht zikh ayn
keyn ander veg nito mer!

If it is going to be too difficult
for you in the summer's heat,
my son, think about
what you're going to protect.

If it is going to be too uncomfortable in the fall
in the wet rainstorms,
brother, hold on to your helmet,
the fatherland needs protection.

If it is going to be too long a night 
in the winter snow,
Father, remember that
your children stand on guard.

If it will not be any easier,
and frightening where you are,
my love, think about that
we have no alternative!