No. 1 of 6 poems by Shmuel Halkin
scored in Mieczysław Weinberg’s Jüdische Lieder, Op. 17
Translated by the gracious Miriam Rinn


Alts, vos lib iz mir un tayer,
alts, vos heylik iz un no'nt
alts, vos kh'hob kurkh blut un fayer,
laytern biz haynt gekont,

Un farhitn, un fargreytn,
un bagleytn mit mayn lid,
zol zikh afn veg aykh shpreytn,
zol aykh makhn gring di trit.

Yedes derfl, yedes gesl,
vu ir vet nor nit arayn,
eyn zakh zolt ir nit fargesn:
in di oygn kukt zikh ayn.

Oyb es fleytst di freyd fun dortnshtelt
di fon arop af dr'erd,
nor oyb nit, zol af ir ort dan kumen
shteln zikh di shverd.

Everything that I love and is dear to me,
everything that is holy and close,
everything that has blood and fire,
everything that I've known up until today,

And to protect, and to prepare,
and to beautify with my song,
should spread itself out in your pathway,
should make your travel easier.

Each little village, each little alleyway,
wherever you go in,
One thing only don't forget:
in your sight keep.

If they don't greet you joyously when
you put your flag in the earth,
Don't worry about it, come back and
stick your sword in.